Day 15: Courage to Make a Difference – TACA

Lisa and Glen Ackerman are great examples of courage to me.

They may not think of themselves this way, but I’m sure I can find thousands of parents who would agree with me.  Finding themselves faced with the fact that their young son had been diagnosed with autism, they not only sought out information on ways to help their family, but they took the suggestion of their daughter to open their home to other families going through the same new world of confusing and often isolating medical diagnosis.

What started as a small group of parents in Lisa and Glen’s living room blossomed into more and more families seeking answers, options and friendship from others merely months ahead of them on the journey. Over 10 years later, the sharing continues, but now reaches over 20,000 families nation-wide with support, information and fun activities.

Pretty good for a family with a “good idea”.  Sometimes courage is the willingness to help others, even as you find yourself in need.

Find out more about Lisa and Glen’s non-profit Talk About Curing Autism (TACA) at


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1 Response to Day 15: Courage to Make a Difference – TACA

  1. Kate Kresse says:

    I love when people do that. They take something that has the potential to be isolating and turn it into a community building, strengthening experience…..Thank you for posting it!

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