Day 17: Courage to stand up for what’s right

I’ve never been a fan of politics, or politicians. But there are times when some things become necessary, and today was that day for me.

I attended a rally at the California state capital in support of a bill that sits on the Governor’s desk- SB946. It will give parent’s of kids with autism health coverage for essential services that can make a difference in their children’s life. Currently, these services are obtained through lots of hard work and persistence on the part of the parents (like they don’t have enough to do). This bill is not just another “perk” for families, not just another “hand-out” from the state. To make sure they get the critical ABA services for their kids, the parents who can afford treatment may have to pay for it directly, and others have to make a choice to pay for services over other daily bills. Imagine paying out of pocket for your cancer treatment, or your insulin.

My sweet, handsome nephew has autism. His parent’s are the most amazing and courageous people I know. I couldn’t be anywhere else today.

So I stood at the rally and clapped, and shook hands with Senator Darrell Steinberg, and told him I appreciated his courage to help, and hoped the Governor would have the courage to sign a bill that truly make a difference.

– Deb, Auntie to amazing Matthew :o)

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