Day 37: The Mustard Seed School

We dreamers have ideas of what could be, the courageous among us make their ideas happen. Sister Libby Fernandez started working as volunteer at Loaves and Fishes 25 years ago. She now leads the non-profit organization that provides an impressive array of services for families homeless in the Sacramento area.  Not the least of which is the Mustard Seed School.

“The Mustard Seed School was established in February, 1989 to help meet the needs of homeless children. Many school-age children do not attend school because of their homelessness. Some lack immunizations, birth certificates, or other documents; some are in transit; and almost all lack a support system. In spite of their situations, these children are eager to learn and be accepted.

Mustard Seed is a free private school which serves homeless children ages 3-15 years old. Within a structured academic program, children can gain valuable skills, skills they’ll need to one day escape poverty. It’s also a place where children can laugh, relax and be children. They can unplug from the stressful world of homelessness. Each child feels wanted, secure, loved and can find hope for their lives.”

Learn more at:

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