Day 41: Angels of love

Bobbie Burnett wanted to encourage a friend battling cancer by making her a stained glass angel.  Her act of love and compassion has multiplied in ways she never planned. She now coordinates 90 volunteers that want to share the same love with others with cancer. Bobbie’s angel project during her “retirement” years is an act of compassion and love that is now shared by many.


“She started the Caring Collection in 1983, when the stained glass
angel she created for a hospitalized friend, led to requests for others. Now, overseeing
a corps of volunteers, the Collection turns our nearly 2,000 angels each year in the
basement studio of her home. Burnett estimates that more than 40,000 angels
have been created since the project began. Proceeds from their sale are split between
two local medical centers. To date, the Caring Collection has raised more than
$800,000, directed to patient care. In recognition of her work, Burnett has
received a governor’s volunteer services award.”


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