Day 43: Crafting bears of love

Losing someone you love is never easy. Losing a child, no matter their age, can leave parents lost for a way to keep precious memories close. So when Bonnie Dean and her husband lost their son to cancer last year, they turned to making teddy bears from their sons shirts as a way to help with the grieving process, to provide a lasting tribute, and literally, to have something to hold onto.

Bonnie now reaches out to others going through personal grief by offering the service of turning clothing into Memory Bears. “My husband is a hospice RN and the company he was working for needed volunteers to make memory bears for their clients. This is how I learned to do the bears. When our son, Jon, passed away a year ago, memory bears took on a personal meaning. I believe God has brought me to this place of ministry.”

Bonnie and her husband are making a difference, one cuddly, love filled bear at a time.

For more information, or to have Bonnie make your family a bear of your own, go to her blog at:

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3 Responses to Day 43: Crafting bears of love

  1. Bonnie- You are a great reminder to me of how powerful love can be, especially when we step out and share it with others. Thank you for letting me share your story!
    Always love always,

  2. What an inspirational story!! šŸ˜€

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