Day 45: The Healing Garden

There is a garden in Harvard, Massachusetts that has been transformed into a place of healing. Bill Thurston dedicated the eight-acre property to the memory of his wife Ginny, who took refuge in the wooded garden during her battle with cancer. “When she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1993, she spent even more time in the garden, as a place of respite from the rigors of treatment. Ginny explored and practiced several complementary therapies to aid in her healing…”

The Healing Garden began helping others as a holistic support center in 2001 and is a true tribute to Ginny, thanks to Bill Thurston’s compassion for others going through cancer treatment.

“Here, women facing breast cancer can escape its day to day worries and fears in a naturalistic environment which offers a connection to the healing and soothing power of nature. The Virginia Thurston Healing Garden is further distinguished by the fact that many of the administrators and therapists working there have themselves experienced breast cancer, making them uniquely qualified to offer support and solace. The Center’s primary message is that no woman needs to make this journey alone.”

Find out more by visiting:

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