Day 74: Imagine a day when everyone in the world can eat…

In the United States, it seems unconscionable that anyone should be sending their children to bed hungry, or have to choose groceries over paying for heat or rent. Since the economy has hit the skids, more and more families are ending up making some tough choices.

Some creative and courageous people are challenging that trend by finding new ways to help feed those having hard times by engaging their own community to make it happen.

One World Cafe in Salt Lake City, Utah is unique – there are no prices on the menu.  Not because it’s a five star restaurant where you’ll need to take out a small loan to make a reservation. It’s actually just the opposite. Owner Denise Cerreta’s vision is to allow diners to pay what they can, and when possible, more to help out someone less fortunate.  “I think we have to rethink how we feed people in their time of need,” says Denise. “What sets this apart from other restaurants is that truly anyone can walk through the door and afford to eat here, and it’s good, organic, wholesome food.”

Denise now challenges others to open their own cafes with the same community service goals, and she’ll even travel to you to help get things started. “… we relish the role and opportunity to help the no-set menu, no-set prices community cafe model come to fruition everywhere.”

I’m thankful for forward thinking people like Denise, taking hunger head-on!

To learn more, go to

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