Day 80: The American Widow Project

When Taryn Davis lost her husband Michael to a roadside bomb in Iraq, she was instantly thrown into the world of being a military widow, at 25.  She set out on a journey to heal herself by finding other young widows in her situation. What started with a visit to another young wife lead Taryn to be inspired in courageous ways. “It was the first (military) widow that I was seeing face to face,” Davis said. “And for me, it was inspiring … like, ‘Man, if she can get up every day and do this with a child, I can do this. … I can’t let her down.’ ”

Taryn now supports nearly 800 military widows through “The American Widow Project”, a web site that encourages sharing, friendship and the courage to make a difference in each others lives.

Learn more at:

CNN’s story about Taryn:

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2 Responses to Day 80: The American Widow Project

  1. This is unimaginable, but a very touching story~thanks for sharing!

  2. I think so too. These brave women make me proud!

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