Day 98: A teen with a mission

After high school, the focus of most teens can be to get a job, go off to college or venture out on a vacation.  For Maggie Doyne, the draw to help others lead her to South Asia — far from home with a service organization for a year of volunteer work. After helping a young girl search for her family, she found herself surrounded by many children who were not only orphaned and living in poverty, but who also had no option for education.

” “It was really this rude awakening,” Maggie said. “I thought, it only takes $5 admission and $5 for a uniform to put her into school. Why can’t I do that?” So Maggie had her parents wire her all $5000 of her life savings, using it to build an orphanage and then a school for children in that remote area. She continues to run it at the ripe age of 24.”

Now that’s a teen with courage and a mission!

Maggie’s web site:

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1 Response to Day 98: A teen with a mission

  1. What an inspirational story! Thank you for sharing it! 😀

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