Day 103: Healing waves

To me, some of the most courageous people on the planet today are the parents of children with autism, a daily challenge that can consume the lives of their entire family.  The common thread that I have witnessed with many of these incredible parents goes beyond their ability to keep going, in spite of the constant medical appointments and school special ed meetings. I’ve witnessed their passion to share what they find works with their children with others. When they find that glimmer of hope, that one “thing” that can bring out a smile or a giggle of joy in their child, they find a way to bring that happiness to others.

Israel and Danielle Paskowitz found that “thing” for their son Isaiah, and it was surfing.  Israel is a professional surfer, and discovered quite by accident, that the waves had a calming effect on Isaiah, then only 3 years old. Today they share their joy with other families by offering the experience of surfing to autistic children. They share their courage as parents of autistic children by not hiding their son away, but by bringing families together in a fun, healing activity.  I am thankful for the courage of the Paskowitz’s, and all the families living to find the joy in life, and overcome the challenges of autism.

Watche Surfers Healing in action:

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1 Response to Day 103: Healing waves

  1. Caddo Veil says:

    I agree–I have nothing but admiration and highest regard for parents who accept their special needs children as a gift and a mission, rather than a burden. It’s all beyond my comprehension, but I have a long-distance friend who is teaching me, little by little–and that is a blessing to me. Thanks for sharing this post–God bless you.

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