Courage to Clean

Kara Anderson knows a thing or two about cleaning. She is the owner of Maids On The Run home cleaning service in Jacksonville, Florida. So when Kara was struck with an aggressive form of breast cancer at 39, she had access to the help she needed to help her family get through those grueling days of treatments and testing.  She also realized that other families didn’t have that advantage, and she chose to do something about it.

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Knowing that there is a 32 percent chance that this will return within five years is scary,” Kara said, though she didn’t linger there for long. “That’s why I try to spend each day like it really is my last and to make a difference that my kids can be proud of.”

Kara is inspired by any parent who is dealing with an illness that can and does rob their children from them.

“For a parent to have to watch their child suffer and to see the strength that it takes in them to explain to that child why and what is happening. That’s real courage,” Kara said.

She is motivated by how seemingly so little can make such a big difference in the life of someone living with an illness. And how easy it really is to give back.

“For me, it was cleaning because I already had a business, the products and the manpower in place. But if someone can bake and bring cookies to a hospital or to a neighbor going through a difficult time; if you can cook a meal or two and bring to a family that you have heard about suffering with an illness; if you see a post on someone’s Facebook wall, just acknowledge and support them even if that is all you can do. You do not have to know someone to make a difference. There are many things you can do to help someone that do not cost any money.”

Convincing cleaning companies that helping others free of charge is good for business is one of Kara’s biggest challenges.

“Any time you give, the reward is giving, not getting,” Kara said. “I work tirelessly on getting new cleaning companies to join the network so that more families can be helped.”

Kara’s courage to help other families, even while she continues with her own treatment, is truly inspiring.

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2 Responses to Courage to Clean

  1. Kate Kresse says:

    Thank you SO much for sharing this inspiring story

  2. Sure thing Kate– I’m just glad there are so many people out there like Kara that I can keep featuring. I’m hoping I never have to stop writing!

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