Day 10: Bravery and compassion

Today I’m thinking of the daily bravery of those who seek to make the world a better, more accepting place for those with disabilities.  I’m also thinking about how brave everyone who lives with a challenge of any kind has to be just to function in a society that prefers perfection to compassion.

Justin’s story gives us a peak into the daily challenges he faces navigating in a fast paced society, where efficiency is king and differences are an annoyance. It is as much a story of Justin as it is his parents and teacher, who refuse to give up on helping him find his place of independence.

No great answers here, but a hope that society can learn to look past outward appearances into what the Justin’s of our world can teach us about what really matters: Compassion.

Comment from reader #40:  “To my mind, there is the military personnel, law enforcement and rescuers all considered brave to do something a few times in their life. But to a disabled person, regardless of the disability, every day acting within society is an singular act of bravery.”


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