Day 35: Soap to save lives

One man’s accidental observation of waste generated an idea.

And with some help from his soap-making father, he turned one idea into a project that helps thousands.

Recycling hotel soap to save lives

By Ebonne Ruffins, CNN
June 16, 2011 4:54 p.m. EDT

That bar of soap you used once or twice during your last hotel stay might now be helping poor children fight disease.

Derreck Kayongo and his Atlanta-based Global Soap Project collect used hotel soap from across the United States. Instead of ending up in landfills, the soaps are cleaned and reprocessed for shipment to impoverished nations such as Haiti, Uganda, Kenya and Swaziland.

“I was shocked just to know how much (soap) at the end of the day was thrown away,” Kayongo said. Each year, hundreds of millions of soap bars are discarded in North America alone. “Are we really throwing away that much soap at the expense of other people who don’t have anything? It just doesn’t sound right.”

Read about his great efforts to make a difference to so many:

DailyGood: Recycling Soap and Saving Lives.

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