Day 66: Ben’s Bells of Kindness

Almost 10 years ago, parents Dean and Jennette Mare-Packard lost their 2 year old son Ben to a sudden illness. Devastated, but knowing they needed to go on for their 6 year old son Matthew, they held on to any bit of kindness shown by others. As Jennette realized how powerful even the most random act of kindness was to her during those most painful times, she and her husband decided to create a joyful way to spread the same life-sustaining kindness to others, and Ben’s Bells was born.

Each Ben’s Bell is hand-made, and hung in random locations with a tag that simply requests the that the “finder” continue to pass on kindness to others. The Packard’s courage to share the power of kindness has touched those who find the bells, as well as those inspired to volunteer to help make Ben’s Bell’s, and to those of us who read about their story.  Kindness is Ben’s legacy, thanks to his courageous parents.


Watch a video about Ben’s Bells-

Ben’s Bells web site:


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