Day 82: Gratitude Shared

I found this great little story on the web site, where readers share their experiences, and where “kindness is contagious”. Enjoy!


Four years ago I decided to make it my gift to those around me that I express to them how much they mean to me….. not JUST my friends and family, but all the people I encounter in my day. That included the baggers at the grocery store, the cashiers at the pharmacy, the bus driver, the garbage pickup man, the mailman, and many others. The more invisible the person (like the garbage pick up man), the more I focused on them. I complimented them on their work, how grateful I was for their contributions to my life, and how appreciative I was for their kindnesses to me. As a result of that single campaign, I am now on a wave-at basis with so many of these individuals! It wasn’t that I did anything special; it was that I noticed how special THEY were, and told them so. Who doesn’t like to hear that about themselves? I simply wanted to give of my heart and my time to acknowledge how special they were to me…….but in the end, I got WAY more than I ever gave. And now they bring that fabric to life! How blessed I feel with every wave, every smile, every “how ya doing?

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3 Responses to Day 82: Gratitude Shared

  1. Kate Kresse says:

    I came to that same decision after 9/11. I began to really let people (especially those who are often taken for granted and overlooked) how much they and their efforts mean to me. These days I try to be as encouraging and loving as I possibly can.even or especially if my kindness is not returned. They cannot define me. So I just love, love, love your blog. It rings so true.

  2. Kate,
    I love your “They cannot define me” comment! We can’t change how others think at any given moment, but it’s amazing how our choices really can change the world. Thanks for your lovely comments!

  3. This is so wonderful of you to share! Maybe because of all the turmoil in the world, or the fact that I’m getting older…I don’t know, but I’ve done the same. I wave, say hello, complement randomly and it is so rewarding knowing that maybe you brightened that person’s day. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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